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Mallory Tries: Diving approach and hurdle with Boiling Springs

Jake Adams, left, was the one receiving instructions this time. Boiling Springs divers Lily Reighard, Jack Still and Jordan Morrett taught him diving.

This week I thought I’d try some diving.

OK, that's a lie. I made our sports editor Jake Adams try diving.

For the final installment of the winter season of Mallory Tries, we teamed up with some members of the Boiling Springs diving team to learn some diving basics — the approach, the hurdle and a simple forward dive — the week before they went to the PIAA championships.

Jordan Morrett, Jack Still and Lily Reighard were there to help us learn the basics. Although I wasn't the only directly learning the basics of a dive, I can give my opinion from what I saw.

What I learned

The obvious: divers make it look easy. Like, really easy.

Watching Jordan, Jack and Lily effortlessly go through everything and then execute the dive made it look like anyone could be a diver. But I'll let Jake chime in.

Anything to add, Jake?

JA: Yeah. Like Mallory said, the divers make this seem a lot easier than it is. It's been a few years since I jumped off any diving board just for fun, so there were definitely some nerves getting back on it. I needed a few tries just to get comfortable. 

The Bubblers were great teachers, I just struggled to remember all the pieces at once while still making sure I stayed on the board. Honestly, the toughest part was trying to string every bit of movement together in sequence. It would've taken me several more hours to commit it all to memory.

I think I got one good one in there, though.

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