Commonwealth Division

Player of the Year

Ben Vollmer (State College)

First Team

Name (School)

Max Radosavljevic (Cumberland Valley)

Talon Davidson (Cumberland Valley)

Dominik Nitecki (Cumberland Valley)

Ben Vollmer (State College)

Aaron Maynard (Chambersburg)

Garrett Keister (Central Dauphin)

Adam Jackson (Carlisle)

Zach Doupe (Carlisle)

Joey Francis (Cedar Cliff)

Gage Souder (Red Land)

Matt Zambetti (Cumberland Valley)

Second Team

Name (School)

Ryan Alt (Red Land)

Jake Cubbler (Red Land)

Daniel Wiestling (Cedar Cliff)

Jason Goldfeder (Cedar Cliff)

Devyn Thomas (Cumberland Valley)

Eric Leach (Cumberland Valley)

Cory Rush (Carlisle)

Tyler Luther (Chambersburg)

Emmanuel Hewitt (Chambersburg)

Omario Duncan (Chambersburg)

Joey Gurzenda (Central Dauphin)

Grady Battard (State College)

Keystone Division

Player of the Year

Josiah Ramirez (Lower Dauphin)

First Team

Name (School)

Josiah Ramirez (Lower Dauphin)

Caleb Murray (Lower Dauphin)

Blake Cassel (Lower Dauphin

Brendan Kerr (Lower Dauphin)

Chris Cronin (Hershey)

Levi Tamosaitis (Mechanicsburg)

Chris Sosa (Mechanicsburg)

T.J. Caton (Palmyra)

Luke Higgins (Palmyra)

Jack Xanthopoulos (Mifflin County)

Aly Hossam (CD East)

Second Team

Name (School)

Daniel Fombu (Lower Dauphin)

Devin Roth (Lower Dauphin)

Evan King (Hershey)

Brady Painter (Hershey)

Alexei King (Hershey)

Luke Abel (Hershey)

Matthew Egner (CD East)

Dionis Rodriguez (CD East)

Soufiane Issoufou (CD East)

Josh Mark (Palmyra)

Michael Giordano (Palmyra)

Matt Hines (Palmyra)

Reese Carter (Mifflin County)

Justin Fleming (Mechanicsburg)

Alex Labell (Mechanicsburg)

Tegan Therit (Hershey)

Capital Division

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Player of the Year

Amias Colestock (Camp Hill), sr., F and Dylan Mayanja (Camp Hill), sr., F

First Team

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Ben Brodie (Camp Hill);sr.;M

Nick Camposarcone (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;F

Amias Colestock (Camp Hill);sr.;F

Josh Collins (West Perry);sr.;M

Stephen Heckert (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;D

Jake Henry (East Pennsboro);sr.;D

Anthony LaVia (Middletown);sr.;M

Colby Lupfer (West Perry);sr.;GK

Dylan Mayanja (Camp Hill);sr.;F

Jessiah Osbeck (West Perry);sr.;M

Nick Scherr (Trinity);jr.;M

Second Team

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Sami Almouzani (East Pennsboro);sr.;M

Duncan Andrews (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;M

Jakim Chatman (Susquehanna Twp.);jr.;D

Alex D'Amico (Trinity);sr.;D

Devan Drendall (Trinity);jr.;M

Christopher Hartley (Trinity);jr.;F

Anthony Kertulis (West Perry);sr.;F

Brady Keyser (Middletown);jr.;M

Colin Miller (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;D

Zach Muhlhauser (East Pennsboro);sr.;F

Parker Rice (Camp Hill);jr.;D

Joey Spear (Middletown);jr.;M

Caleb Springer (Middletown);jr.;GK

Tristan Gyamfi (Milton Hershey);jr.;F

Kevin Young (Camp Hill);sr.;M

Colonial Division

Player of the Year

Derek Buhrman (Waynesboro), sr., M

First Team

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Tucker Williams (Big Spring);sr.;GK

Cace Oburn (Big Spring);fr.;M

Connor Oburn (Big Spring);sr.;M

Vincent Castillo (Greencastle-Antrim);jr.;F

Jason Freeman (Greencastle-Antrim);sr.;M

Derek Pine (James Buchanan);sr.;M

Cameron Kearns (Northern);sr.;M

Sam Orseno (Shippensburg);jr.;M

Jacob McCole (Shippensburg);jr.;M

Derek Buhrman (Waynesboro);sr.;M

Bruce Neterer (Waynesboro);sr.;D

Second Team

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Levi Fertig (Big Spring);sr.;D

Evan Arnold (Boiling Springs);jr.;M

Brady Olsen (Boiling Springs);fr.;M

Seth Wingard (Boiling Springs);jr.;G

Jack Coulston (Boiling Springs);sr.;D

Jared Rohrbaugh (Greencastle-Antrim);sr.;F

Taylor Noblit (Greencastle-Antrim);sr.;M

Trenton Bradley (James Buchanan);sr.;D

Bobby Skinnell (Northern);sr.;F

Wesley Speck (Northern);sr.;F

Travis Bigham (Shippensburg);so.;M

Eli Hubbard (Shippensburg);sr.;D

Harun Pacavar (Shippensburg);jr.;M

Hayden Oldham (Waynesboro);so.;F

Connor Jacobs (Waynesboro);so.;D

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