In My Words Natalie Sassano

Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. For me, I tend to focus on hearing. Sounds define moments.

I have played basketball with some of my teammates since third grade and have made numerous of memories, most of which are associated with sounds. I can still hear the sounds of practice — a basketball being dribbled, the swish of the net, the squeak of our sneakers on the wood floor, the huffing and puffing during our drills, the coaches whistle, the marker on the whiteboard when creating a play and the coaches encouraging us to push ourselves and to do our best.

On the bus rides to and from games, I can still hear the laughing and giggling at silly jokes, the chatting about homework and tests, reliving the best and worst moments of our game that night.

This past week, we honored the seniors on senior night. Again, the sounds defined the moments for me. The sounds of our fans clapping and cheering for each of us as we walked out on the court. The sounds of my teammates’ accomplishments, plans, advice to future players and favorite basketball memories. The sounds of parents enjoying the bittersweet moments with their daughters.

The Lady Colts finished their regular season this week and we are looking forward to the District 3 tournament. I’m sure we will create more memories, each defined by the sounds of the basketball season that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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