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In My Words: Boiling Springs' Zach Orris

The season is officially in full swing. It’s hard to believe that this is my last year as a Bubbler, yet I am excited to see what this promising new season will bring for our program.

Our ultimate team goal this year is to win the division and make a playoff run. This is something that hasn’t been done by Boiling Springs in over 40 years.

Everyone on our team knows that it will not be an easy task to achieve, but it is still an attainable goal. My coaches, fellow teammates and I all know that if each one of us plays our best game, we will be able to find success throughout the season.

Most of the teams in our division have completely ruled us out as a competitor this year. Five out of the six coaches predicted that we will finish last in the division.

Needless to say, our team is not happy about this. We will only use it as motivation to prove other teams wrong and make a name for ourselves this season.

We had three games this week, all of which were extremely close. In two out of three of these games, we were able to come out on top with the win.

Winning tight games like these requires a strong team effort down the stretch when there is immense pressure. This is something that we will continuously work on throughout the season, as being able to win tight games is a quality that sets great baseball teams apart from others.

Our team must stay focused on our goals this season, despite any mental adversity that may arise from the words of other teams or the pressure of close games.

We have been especially cognizant of this fact this past week and will continue to abide by it for the rest of the season.