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East Pennsboro's Onasis Neely In My Words

Winning Homecoming night as a senior feels great, man. We can’t believe as seniors we only have one more time to play at The Saxs (George Saxton Memorial Field). It would be great if things go our way and we get a three or four seed because right now we’re stuck at six. It’s like the season is coming to an end and it feels like it just started.

After our second loss of the season, Coach Couch, our offensive line coach, said that we are starting this season over. Everything that happened in the first half of the season is over. We are 0-0 and we have five games left, and for us to qualify for playoffs it’s now or never. We all sorta took that to heart we want to be one of those elite teams to represent the Mid-Penn in post season play.

Only eight teams go into the District 3 playoffs and we want to be remembered as one of those teams that made it. Making the playoffs is huge and it’s motivating to be just one of the Class 4A teams to make it. Man, that’s an accomplishment of it’s own.

Last season when Shippensburg pulled an upset against Bishop Mcdevitt they chanted, “Why not us?” At this point we feel the same way — why not us? Everybody expected us to lose. It was Friday the 13th and anything was possible. There was a eerie drizzle and both us and Trinity needed the win to position ourselves better for playoff seeding and our team came to play. The defense played on the other side of the ball all game. We knew they liked to pass, so the defense wanted to touch the QB as much as possible. Every play we wanted to touch him or knock him down.

Tommy Kirchhoff stayed strong in the pocket and delivered some strikes. He’s a pretty tough QB, and I have a lot of respect for the awareness he’s bringing and the money he has raised for ALS.

Our defense sniffed out the run, and for the first time this season we held a team under 100 rushing yards. That’s a huge accomplishment for any defense and for our defense to lock in and stuff out the run means we learned from those two losses and we are getting better all around.

We are all on the same page. We all have the same goal. One Heartbeat.

No matter what it takes now we must beat Palmyra to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Offensively I believe in my linemen, receivers and the play calls. Nic Nugent played lights out making those big time catches. Our receivers aren’t afraid to catch the ball in traffic. Our linemen aren’t afraid to get dirty or block a guy who is bigger. We are absolutely coming together.

I get asked a lot how good can this team be. In my heart, I believe we can go far. We really want to make it to that district title game. We don’t want our season to end feeling like we left some work undone. If we lose again, I want it to be to a worthy opponent — a team that was just flat out better then us.

Every team for the remainder of this season is getting the best football we have in us and nothing is coming easy. We’re keeping our foot on the gas.

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