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Devon Chenot In My Words

As I warmed up for Districts on Friday night, I thought about what had brought me to that point.

Four years ago, I stepped into the same meet, but so many things were different. I was young and slightly intimidated. I didn’t have a team and I only had two swims for the meet. I remember that meet gave me confidence and put me on the map for a lot of people, winning AA Districts as a Freshman.

Sophomore year was, to say the least, a disappointment for me. Adding two seconds to my times from the year before was not what I had in mind for that meet. I took a lot of time to think about what I wanted from the sport. After deciding to move, I wanted to find myself again.

These last two years in Carlisle have truly been a blessing for me. I have made so many friendships and connections. Last year was so magical for me to just be on a team and be surrounded by others. Winning the 50 and 100 free last year just made it better. This year, before I stepped up for the 50 free, I thought about all the great things high school swimming has brought me. So then, for the final time, I wanted to close it out like I started it. I cannot say I had perfect races this weekend, but I will cherish them more than a lot of others.

Before states in a few weeks, I want to thank my coaches, teammates and competitors for all they have done for me. High school swimming has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I am beyond grateful for all that everyone has done for me. We have states on Wednesday and Thursday. I am excited for the meet and all that the future has to offer.


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