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Carolyn Bolden In My Words

Five days. In just five short days, the Cumberland Valley High School swim team will race in the first championship meet of the year: Mid-Penn’s.

I can remember my first Mid-Penn experience four years ago. In 2015, a local news station came and broadcasted the meet live. There were reporters on the deck, camera crews on the catwalk and stands packed with cheering parents and fans; it was incredible. Even though the meet was only broadcast live that one time, the air at this meet is still charged with something wonderfully unexplainable. Mid-Penn’s is one of the aspects of high school swimming that I will miss the most.

Mid-Penn’s is held at the Cumberland Valley Natatorium because it has an outstanding facility and can accommodate so many teams and spectators. We are lucky to have such an awesome natatorium for many reasons, but a major benefit is having Mid-Penn’s at our home pool.

But we don’t perform on luck alone. We’ve trained for this.

Mid-Penn’s is why we woke up at 4:30 a.m. for all those morning practices every day of the week. It is why no matter how sore we were, we were always willing to tackle another three-hour practice. This is why we get back up on the block, legs shaking, to practice another start. This is why when our coaches yell “Faster! Stronger! Harder!” — we listen.

We’ve spent 16 hours a week, sometimes more, for the past three months with the goal to shave just mere seconds off our times.

We’ve trained for this. And we’re ready.

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