Carolyn Bolden In My Words

Five points made the difference between this week’s CV men’s swimming & diving victory over a talented State College team. The victory came after lots of hard work in practice, sore muscles and some close races. The win for the men, which continued their undefeated season, was a win for the team.

Compared to the beginning of the season, which was only about a month ago, we’ve become a more cohesive group.

As a senior, I’ve seen the team change slightly every year as seniors graduate and new freshmen join the team. The team dynamic changed from year to year and there’s something memorable about each season. My freshman year I was in awe of how talented the seniors were. My sophomore year the captains set the tone for a tight-knit team. My junior year I watched some of the hardest working people I knew reach their goals.

This year, while it is still early in the season, I am encouraged by the way the team has come together and supports each other, evidenced by the amount of cheering at our meets. No matter the level of competition of the meet, there is always someone cheering.

I’ve also noticed an increased amount of support between swimmers and divers. Even though swimmers may not understand what a 401 C reverse tuck means, they support the divers. And while divers may not know the order of strokes in an individual medley, divers are still on the side, cheering for swimmers.

I believe that the cheering and team support is keeping our momentum going. As holiday break begins, we start our toughest week of training with multiple practices per day. We hope to build on our momentum and prepare for our competitive dual meets in January.

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