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HERSHEY — The wind chill was rough during the final periods of the CPIHL All-Star Game.

It was outside at Hersheypark Stadium on Wednesday night, but the small snow flurry that stayed consistent during the game created a perfect atmosphere for a special occasion.

The American Team and the National Team battled as if it was any other game, nothing special, nothing spectacular.

American’s Riley Johnson ended the game with a third-period hat trick to seal a 10-7 win over the Nationals. All of the action picked up during the final two periods after the first ended with a 1-0 American, which wore white jerseys, lead. It was a slow start to a game with some major talent.

“I expected it to be a little slower in the beginning because we had to get used to the elements,” the Shamrocks’ Johnson said after the game. “I had a feeling it was going to pick up later because there were a lot of great players out here. I had a feeling it was going to pick up and become a great game.”

Two of Johnson’s goals ignited a wild third period for both teams. After a breakaway goal for Johnson at 13:04, he turned right around to nab a second goal at 12:48 to make it 6-5 Americans. Two Nationals goal came right after from Jake Carlson and Jacob Nagy to make it 7-6 for the Nats.

“I thought it was going to be a slow game because of the snow falling on the ice and everything, but it went very fast,” West Shore’s Avery Arnold said. “Everyone moved the puck quickly and it was a fast-paced game.”

Four unanswered goals for the Americans sealed the 10-7 win, including the third goal for Johnson’s hat trick at 2:36. West Shore’s Carlson notched two goals in the win.

The fast-paced game in idyllic snowfall is a game that the players won’t soon forget.

“It was outstanding, it was awesome,” Johnson said. “I had a blast out here even though it was a little bit cold. It’s always fun playing outdoors. This was definitely a great experience to play in.”

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