Cumberland Valley Carlisle Football 4 (copy)

Carlisle’s Tristyn Sulich, center, was named Wednesday by Mid-Penn football coaches a Commonwealth Division First Team running back.

Commonwealth Division

First Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Kamere Day (Harrisburg);sr.;WR

Nick Chimienti (Central Dauphin);sr.;WR

Terell Williams (Chambersburg);sr.;TE

Bryce Thoman (Central Dauphin);sr.;OL

Nate Bruce (Harrisburg);jr.;OL

Addison Darcy (State College);sr.;OL

Chad Layton (Central Dauphin);sr.;OL

Jason Cameron (State College);sr.;C

Brady Stumbaugh (Chambersburg);sr.;QB

Keyshawn Jones (Chambersburg);sr.;RB

Bryce Baker (CD East);sr.;RB

Trystin Sulich (Carlisle);sr.;RB

Shawn Brown (CD East);sr.;ATH

Hunter Grunden (Cumberland Valley);sr.;P

Tyler Luther (Chambersburg);sr.;K

First Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Tymeke Everett-Evans (Harrisburg);sr.;DE

Jeremiah Carothers (Carlisle);jr.;DT

Sam Storll (State College);sr.;DT

Lamir Johnson (Harrisburg);jr.;DT

Kevin Kurzinger (State College);sr.;DE

Elijah Vargas (Central Dauphin);sr.;LB

Harold O'Neal (Harrisburg);sr.;LB

Ryan Domico (State College);so.;LB

Terell Williams (Chambersburg);sr.;LB

Dante Kent (Harrisburg);sr.;DB

Dresyn Green (State College);jr.;DB

Nick Chimienti (Central Dauphin);sr.;DB

Malachi Bowman (Central Dauphin);jr.;DB

Isaiah Edwards (State College);sr.;KR

Second Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Dante Kent (Harrisburg);sr.;WR

Isaiah Edwards (State College);sr.;WR

Logan Ramper (Cumberland Valley);sr.;WR

Nathan Lusk (State College);sr.;TE

Brock Harmon (Chambersburg);sr.;IL

Jeremiah Carothers (Carlisle);jr.;IL

Chase Myers (Cumberland Valley);sr.;IL

Logan Fleegal (CD East);sr.;IL

Conner Mundis (Cumberland Valley);sr.;C

Brady Dorner (State College);sr.;QB

John McNeil (Harrisburg);jr.;QB

Dresyn Green (State College);jr.;OB

Timmy Smith (Central Dauphin);jr.;OB

Jahmir Plant (Harrisburg);sr.;OB

Isaiah Edwards (State College);sr.;ATH

Tyler Luther (Chambersburg);sr.;P

Tim Kissinger (Cumberland Valley);sr.;K

Second Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Trey Wallace-Koons (CD East);sr.;DE

Wyatt Hull (Chambersburg);sr.;DT

Cam Sansoni (Central Dauphin);sr.;DT

Kyle Williams (CD East);jr.;DT

Nathan Lusk (State College);sr.;DE

Paul Clark (Central Dauphin);jr.;LB

Derik Sauve (Cumberland Valley);jr.;LB

Kyle Domico (State College);sr.;LB

Nateur Dennis (Harrisburg);sr.;LB

Jahmir Plant (Harrisburg);sr.;DB

Isaiah Edwards (State College);sr.;DB

Sammy Knipe (State College);jr.;DB

Kamere Day (Harrisburg);sr.;DB

Nick Chimienti (Central Dauphin);sr.;KR

Keystone Division

First Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Mario Easterly (Bishop McDevitt);so.;WR

Jukian Jordan (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;WR

Stevie Graves (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;WR

Kaden Peifer (Red Land);so.;TE

Brando Aristy (Mechanicsburg);sr.;OL

Sawyer Morgan (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;OL

Fatorma Mulbah (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;OL

Anthony Shires (Cedar Cliff);sr.;OL

Jayvon Godineaux (Cedar Cliff);sr.;C

Micah Brubaker (Mechanicsburg);jr.;QB

Jaheim Morris (Cedar Cliff);sr.;RB

Marquese Williams (Bishop McDevitt);fr.;RB

Jacob Seigle (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;RB

Hayden Zechman (Red Land);jr.;ATH

Nick Morrison (Mechanicsburg);jr.;P

Nick Morrison (Mechanicsburg);jr.;K

First Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Fatorma Mulbah (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;DT

Sawyer Morgan (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;DT

Julian Bakos (Bishop McDevitt);jr.;DT

Anthony Jones (Cedar Cliff);sr.;DT

Brando Aristy (Mechanicsburg);sr.;DT

Devyn Clair (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;LB

Kevin Lusk (Cedar Cliff);sr.;LB

Tyshawn Stewart (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;LB

Julian Jordan (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;DB

Stevie Graves (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;DB

Caleb Brubaker (Mechanicsburg);jr.;DB

Stevie Graves (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;KR

Second Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Jaden Henline (Red Land);sr.;WR

Jahiem Reynolds (Cedar Cliff);sr.;WR

Davey Loyd (Hershey);jr.;WR

Owen Wiener (Susquehanna Twp.);jr.;TE

Justin Hertzog (Red Land);sr.;OL

Chris Robinson (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;OL

Seth Gillen (Cedar Cliff);jr.;OL

Nick Nerino (Hershey);sr.;OL

Jakye Seals (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;C

Adam Cramer (Red Land);sr.;QB

Jay Rodriguez (Hershey);sr.;RB

Keegan Neill (Mechanicsburg);sr.;RB

Devyn Clair (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;RB

Will Hoover (Mechanicsburg);sr.;ATH

Max Schmidt (Hershey);sr.;P

Joey Corado (Hershey);jr.;K

Second Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Ben Eisenhower (Cedar Cliff);jr.;DT

Tyree Morris (Mechanicsburg);jr.;DT

Kylee Page (Susquehanna Twp.);jr.;DT

Armoni Carabello (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;DT

Albert Rosado (Cedar Cliff);sr.;DT

Dylan Rodenhaber (Red Land);jr.;LB

Jacob Seigle (Susquehanna Twp.);sr.;LB

Justin Piper (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;LB

Ben Marsico (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;DB

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Bilial Wielder (Susquehanna Twp.);jr.;DB

Jahi Cooper (Bishop McDevitt);sr.;DB

Jahiem Reynolds (Cedar Cliff);sr.;KR

Capital Division

First Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Josh Parra (Milton Hershey);sr.;WR

Kasey Shughart (Palmyra);sr.;WR

Connor Trumpy (Camp Hill);sr.;WR

Tajae Broadie (Middletown);so.;TE/HB

Tommy Zerbe (Camp Hill);sr.;OL

Brock Welsh (Middletown);jr.;OL

Dan McKinney-Tafe (Milton Hershey);jr.;OL

Elijah Hernedez (Steel-High);sr.;OL

Jose Mendez-Montero (Milton Hershey);sr.;C

Nyles Jones (Steel-High);sr.;QB

Jose Lopez (Middletown);sr.;RB

Dion Bryant (Milton Hershey);so.;RB

Odell Greene (Steel-High);jr.;RB

Mehki Flowers (Steel-High);so.;ATH

Josh Parra (Milton Hershey);sr.;P

Chase Gierasch (Camp Hill);sr.;P

Will Thropp (Trinity);sr.;K

First Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Tajae Broadie (Middletown);so.;DT

Clemente Ojinnaka (Milton Hershey);sr.;DT

Tymir Jackson (Middletown);jr.;DT

Kiyler Ray (Steel-High);jr.;DT

Josh Parra (Milton Hershey);sr.;LB

Arthur Dash (Middletown);sr.;LB

Jermemy Wells (Middletown);jr.;LB

Frank Shartle (Camp Hill);sr.;LB

Chris Joseph (Middletown);sr.;DB

Hunter Campbell (East Pennsboro);sr.;DB

Nick Morder (Palmyra);sr.;DB

Malachi Thomas (Milton Hershey);fr.;KR

Odell Greene (Steel-High);jr.;KR

Second Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Chris Joseph (Middletown);sr.;WR

Ryan Berrigan (Trinity);sr.;WR

Tyrone Moore (Steel-High);so.;WR

Blake Paukovits (East Pennsboro);sr.;TE/HB

Quincy Reinegel (Middletown);sr.;OL

Makia Stewart (East Pennsboro);sr.;OL

Isaiah Morales (Milton Hershey);sr.;OL

Andrew Mott (Trinity);sr.;OL

Jake Miller (Palmyra);sr.;C

Tigere Mavesere (Milton Hershey);sr.;QB

Tymir Jackson (Middletown);jr.;RB

Jacob Shermeyer (East Pennsboro);jr.;RB

Frank Shartle (Camp Hill);sr.;RB

Greg Labine (Camp Hill);sr.;ATH

Bryan Hernandez (Steel-High);so.;P

Second Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Jaden Kreiser (Palmyra);sr.;DT

Mike Dua (Milton Hershey);sr.;DT

Andrew Mott (Trinity);sr.;DT

Makia Stewart (East Pennsboro);sr.;DT

Jacob Shermeyer (East Pennsboro);jr.;LB

Terrill Chadwick (Milton Hershey);jr.;LB

Averey Cutsail (Milton Hershey);jr.;LB

Joey Menke (Boiling Springs);so.;LB

Grant Bayesa (Camp Hill);jr.;LB

Horan Thomas Jr (Milton Hershey);jr.;DB

Jose Lopez (Middletown);sr.;DB

Odell Greene (Steel-High);jr.;DB

Colonial Division

First Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Isaiah Houser (Shippensburg);jr.;WR

Adam Root (Greencastle);jr.;WR

Nick Gustafson (Shippensburg);sr.;TE

Noah Foust (Shippensburg);sr.;OL

Ethan Saunders (Waynesboro);sr.;OL

Donovan Bair (Northern);jr.;OL

Karter Craig (Shippensburg);sr.;OL

Rook Smith (Shippensburg);sr.;C

Kenyon Johnson (West Perry);sr.;QB

Kyle Swartz (Northern);sr.;RB

Jacob Loy (Shippensburg);sr.;RB

Alex Sharrow (Shippensburg);sr.;RB

Dillon Wakefield (Big Spring);so.;P

Nate Kirkwood (Greencastle-Antrim);so.;K

First Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Donovan Bair (Northern);jr.;DT

Eric Reed (Shippensburg);sr.;DT

Ethan Saunders (Waynesboro);sr.;DT

Colton Musser (Shippensburg);sr.;DE

Gavin Pritchard (Big Spring);sr.;DE

Noah Foust (Shippensburg);sr.;LB

Luke Horvath (Northern);sr.;LB

Jacob Loy (Shippensburg);sr.;LB

Isaiah Houser (Shippensburg);jr.;DB

Adam Wertz (Waynesboro);sr.;DB

Ty Regan (Northern);sr.;DB

Isaiah Houser (Shippensburg);jr.;KR

Second Team: Offense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Jayden Jackson (Mifflin County);so.;WR

Jordan Ehrbacher (West Perry);sr.;WR

Gavin Pritchard (Big Spring);sr.;TE

Xavier Rhyne (Waynesboro);sr.;OL

Colton Musser (Shippensburg);sr.;OL

Nick Fekete (Northern);sr.;OL

Bronson Smith-Price (Mifflin County);sr.;OL

Gunner Lesher (Waynesboro);jr.;C

Jordan Heisey (Northern);jr.;QB

Aiden Mencia (Waynesboro);so.;RB

Adam Thoman (West Perry);sr.;RB

Gage Schaeffer (Mifflin County);jr.;RB

Brycen Hassinger (Mifflin County);sr.;P

Zach Quaker (West Perry);sr.;K

Second Team: Defense

Name (School);yr.;Pos.

Anthony Smith (Shippensburg);so.;DT

Bronson Smith-Price (Mifflin County);sr.;DT

Jeff Wright (Northern);jr.;DT

Bailey Blaschak (Northern);jr.;DE

Daniel Toney (Waynesboro);sr.;DE

Tad Ziegler (West Perry);sr.;LB

Brycen Hassinger (Mifflin County);jr.;LB

Kyle Swartz (Northern);sr.;LB

Kenyon Johnson (West Perry);sr.;DB

Christian Melendez (Shippensburg);sr.;DB

Hayden Baer (Waynesboro);sr.;DB

Kenyon Johnson (West Perry);sr.;KR

Mid-Penn football all-stars are selected by the conference's coaches.

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