Boys West Division

First Team

Nemanji Vukosevic, Christian School of York

Andrew Spaan, West Shore Christian

Tyler Masters, Mount Calvary

Aidan Masters, Mount Calvary

Josh Lehman, West Shore Christian

Second Team

Jesse Brittell, Christian School of York

David Hubbard, New Covenant Christian

Daquan Reid, Covenant Christian

Hunter Stewart, Mount Calvary

Jack Hilsher, Mount Calvary

Girls West Division

First Team

Emma Bell, Christian School of York

Ava Bryce, Covenant Christian

Anna Cardillo, Harrisburg Christian

Jacinda Clarke, New Covenant Christian

Haley Witmer, Mount Calvary

Second Team

Natalie Boltz, West Shore Christian

Ruthanna Eckert, Lancaster Mennonite-Hershey

Ellie Gesswein, Harrisburg Christian

Katie Gesswein, Harrisburg Christian

Mekaelah McClymont, Covenant Christian

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