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Camp Hill's Diamond Bragg, center, had a triple-double to help the Lions win their third straight District 3 Class 2A title.

Throughout the 2017-18 high school sports season, we will name a weekly Sentinel Athlete of the Week every Monday night highlighting the on-field performances of some of the area’s best high school competitors.

This week’s athlete is Camp Hill’s Diamond Bragg. The senior guard notched her second triple-double in a District 3 title game (17 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists and three steals) to help the Lions win their third straight District 3 Class 2A crown on Feb. 27.

This season, Bragg is averaging 22.1 points per game and sits at 1,753 career points. The Lions face off against Penns Manor on Friday in the PIAA Class 2A first round at East Pennsboro HS at 5.

Q: What do you think has led to the success on the court in districts?

A: Our focus on having a “one game” mentality has led to our success. Instead of thinking about the future, we are now trying to make the most of the present. We have also grown closer to each other over the season, so playing has become second nature.

Q: What was it like to win three straight district titles?

A: To win three district titles is a great feeling. It’s great to know that we have created history that will remain at our school forever.

Q: You’re headed to Wisconsin to play college basketball after high school is over. Do you like cheese? If so, what’s your favorite cheese? If not, how will you survive considering that’s their staple?

A: Yes, I do like cheese [laughs]. I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but I grew up eating a lot of cheese so I’m well prepared.

Q: Have you worked on your midwest/Wisconsin accent?

A: No, I haven’t worked on my accent. I’m not sure how to do that, but I figured I might develop it over time while in Wisconsin. I will say that for some reason I’m convinced that people in Wisconsin are nicer, in general, and their accent just makes it better.

Q: Apparently, Wisconsin also really likes brats, fish fries and beer. You’re too young to drink, but what Wisconsin staple (including cheese) are you most excited for?

A: When I was down on campus I got a chance to try a brat and with that being said, I’m a big fan. I love food and when I got to campus I realized that Wisconsin has so many different food options. It was basically love at first sight in that regard [laughs]. I also had to try cheese curds when I was on campus. That was new to me, but I feel like I will be eating a lot more of them!

Q: What’s something (or multiple) that your sister, Passion, is better at than you?

A: I’m still trying to find out to this day — just kidding Pash. Not that she can control this, but one thing I’m really jealous of is her height. I’m convinced if I was that tall it would make dunking a lot easier. She’s a lot better than me at being organized. She makes me look really bad if you compare our bedrooms (sometimes).

Q: You two have unique first names, but what are your middle names?

A: My middle name is Taityanna. Passions middle name is Tiara.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of basketball?

A: Outside of basketball I like to watch Netflix and hang out with my friends and family.

Q: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

A: Olivia Pope (Scandal). But because I don’t feel like going to school for that long, I’m content with business. I really want to work in New York City one day. I also might want to play professional for a few years.

Q: Who inspires you the most in life?

A: My parents definitely inspire me the most in life. Both are so different, yet so driven to succeed in everything they do. Their constant positivity and hard work really translates into my life. They inspire me to be the best I can in everything I do.

Q: Do you have a quote or saying that you live by?

A: “Keep going, your many talents will take you to the top.” I don’t know who said this, but I got it from a fortune cookie over a year ago and it’s been in my phone case ever since. It’s my constant reminder to continue to be the best that I can be.

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