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Boiling Springs’ Sydney Hemler, left, averaged nearly 20 points through three games last week.

Throughout the 2017-18 high school sports season, we will name a weekly Sentinel Athlete of the Week every Monday night highlighting the on-field performances of some of the area’s best high school competitors.

This week’s athlete is Boiling Springs basketball player Sydney Hemler. Although the Bubblers went 1-1 last week, they have gone 3-0 in the last three division games.

For Hemler on Jan. 9 in a loss to York Suburban, 64-50, she notched a team-leading 22 points. In her last three games? She averaged nearly 20 points a game.

Q: What do you think had been your keys to success last week?

A: I wanted to win. I hate losing.

Q: What is working for the team right now?

A: I’m going to give the credit to the coaches on this one. The combination is brilliant, and as players we are beginning to really click as team.

Q: Anything the team is working on specifically? Anything that you’re working on?

A: I can’t give away all of our secrets, but right now we’re working on cleaning up the little things.

I am currently working on being consistent with my outside shot.

Q: Are you rooting for anyone in the NFL Playoffs?

A: I’m not an NFL fan, but I am a huge fan of baseball and hockey. The Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals are my teams.

Q: Any sports you’re really looking forward to watching in the Winter Olympics?

A: Ice hockey. Definitely ice hockey.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of basketball?

A: I play soccer year-round, I’m a drummer and eat a lot of Neato Burrito.

Q: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

A: That one’s easy. I’d be a professional sea shell hunter on Sanibel Island in Florida. My family and I are obsessed with finding sea shells.

Q: Who inspires you the most in life?

A: It all really comes back to my Pappy. He was the most generous and Godly influence anyone would ever know.

Q: Do you have a quote or saying that you live by?

A: “Deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.” — Mr. Fred Rogers

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