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Sentinel Senior Day: Carlisle Class of 2020 spring athletes, capsules and photos

From the Sentinel Senior Day: Celebrating our local Class of 2020 spring athletes series
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Name: Jonathan Correa

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys lacrosse

Career goals: Military.

What do you miss most: My season.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Beating Cumberland Valley.

Name: Reid Herman

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys lacrosse

College plans: Hood College lacrosse, psychology

Career goals: Rehabilitations specialist

What do you miss most: The boys.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Overtime game-winning goal against Exeter Township.

Boys Lacrosse - Aaron Brewbaker.jpg

Aaron Brewbaker.

Name: Aaron Brewbaker

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys lacrosse

College plans: Millersville University, psychology

Career goals: TBD

What do you miss most: The bonds that I have created with my teammates.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: In my junior year we beat Central Dauphin on senior night. It was our last regular game of the season, and the celebration that followed our victory with my brothers created lasting memories and relationships.

Boys Lacrosse - Tristan Jones.jpg

Tristan Jones.

Name: Tristan Jones

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys lacrosse

College plans: HACC, general education before transferring to Michigan State University

Career goals: After I graduate high school I plan on majoring in psychology. I would like to work in a field where I am able to help people with behavioral issues.

What do you miss most: I miss my friends the most, being able to hang out and playing my final year of lacrosse with my team.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: During one winter season of indoor lacrosse at Spooky Nook, my favorite memory was getting my very first penalty as a goalie when I cross-checked a defenseman from the other team.

Boys Volleyball - Andreas Indicatti-Mariani.png

Andreas Indicatti-Mariani

Name: Andreas Indicatti-Mariani

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys volleyball

College plans: Pikes Peak Community College, business major

Career goals: Become a financial advisor for a business

What do you miss most: I miss most playing with my club teammates.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My favorite memory was this year during club season when in one day we won second place at a tournament and we had winter ball.

Boys Volleyball - Mikael Kaufman.png

Mikael Kaufman.

Name: Mikael Kaufman

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys volleyball

College plans: Penn State, major in computer science

Career goals: Work for a large tech company or join the Air Force for a few years. 

What do you miss most: Playing volleyball with my teammates and having the crowd of fans cheer us on.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Having my teammate serve and shattering the ceiling light during a volleyball game.

Boys Volleyball - Liam Shevlin.png

Liam Shevlin.

Name: Liam Shevlin

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Boys volleyball

College plans: Duquesne University, computer science

What do you miss most: The team members and coaches.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: The support I received from the team when I broke my wrist before tryouts my sophomore year.

Carlisle Girls Lacrosse Mikayla Ramos

Mikayla Ramos, right.

Name: Mikayla Ramos

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Girls lacrosse

College plans: Methodist University lacrosse, environmental and management major

Career goals: To work with the government in environmental protection.

What do you miss most: Seeing my teammates everyday and having a place where I didn’t have to worry about anything other than my sport.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Beating State College my freshman year.

Name: Sydney Harrell

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Girls lacrosse, tennis

College plans: Western Carolina University, major in interior design

Career goals: After school, I hope to find a staff position in Young Life or become a leader and do interior design as a side job.

What do you miss most: I miss driving to school with my sister and seeing my friends and teachers.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My favorite memory is when doing drills with my teammates, I would scream to the top of my lungs to get everyone moving and excited to play.

Hailey Mielkie, Carlisle 2.JPG

Hailey Mielkie.

Name: Hailey Mielkie

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Girls lacrosse

College plans: University of South Florida, biomedical science

Career goals: Pharmacist

What do you miss most: Late night varsity games after school.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Playing in my first varsity game.

Name: Ainsley Morton

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Girls lacrosse, track & field

College plans: University of Vermont, art history and chemistry

Career goals: Work as an art preservationist or gallery curator 

What do you miss most: The laughs and memories made from the toughest practices and bus rides home.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Popsicle Fridays under the oak tree and Coach Ally’s game day quotes followed by team karaoke.

Name: Andrew Harder

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Rugby, football

Career goals: I'm going to serve in the Air Force and do Security Forces.

What do you miss most: I miss seeing my friends in school and getting to go out and have good times with everyone.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Going to Virginia for a rugby scrimmage against the No. 9 ranked team and having a group of five running at me with the ball, then by myself moving all of them back away from the tryline.

Bree Geiling

Bree Geiling.

Name: Bree Geiling

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Softball, basketball

College plans: Dickinson College, major in psychology

Career goals: Become a school psychologist.

What do you miss most: I miss my friends, teachers and playing softball with my best friends.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My favorite memory from my high school athletic career would have to be just bonding with all my teammates and making unforgettable memories.

Softball - Ravyn Byers.jpg

Ravyn Byers.

Name: Ravyn Byers

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Softball

College plans: York College, major in radiology

Career goals: Become a radiologist at a hospital or clinic.

What do you miss most: Seeing my friends and teammates every day.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: During my junior year I played on JV and we beat State College at their home. It was just such a great game and we all bonded so much. We really became a team that day.

Softball - Abigail Lindsay.jpg

Abigail Lindsay.

Name: Abigail Lindsay

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Softball

College plans: Elizabethtown College, journalism

What do you miss most: What I miss most from softball are game days. From the moment you step out onto the field, the hard work put in at practices can now be shown. The atmosphere at both game days and during practices is also something I will miss a lot. The positivity that the team carries even during tough games or drills at practices through encouraging words or a simple high five, the team finds a way to build each other up. 

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My favorite memory for Carlisle softball was my overall junior season. While the season was tough with only getting to play about half of our games, the team got along well together and for the games we did get to play, this showed. As a team we understood how to put in hard work, while also getting to have moments filled with laughs and smiles.

Casey Padgett, Carlisle 1.JPG

Casey Padgett.

Name: Casey Padgett

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track and Field

College plans: Duquesne University cross country and track and field

What do you miss most: My teammates, all day invitationals and championship meets, and racing.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Winning the 2019 District 3 3200 and getting a state medal in the 3200.

Track - Aaron Miller.JPG

Aaron Miller.

Name: Aaron Miller

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field, cross country

College plans: Robert Morris University

Career goals: Media technology

What do you miss most: Hanging out with teammates during practice and supporting varsity.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Being a part of one of the most successful running programs of all time.

Sophia Toti

Sophia Toti.

Name: Sophia Toti

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field, indoor track & field, cross country

College plans: Penn State cross country, track & field, indoor track & field, biochemistry

Career goals: I’m not entirely sure yet, but I know I want to do something in the medical field!

What do you miss most: Seeing my friends and coach every single day.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Winning the 2019 cross country districts with all of my girls!

Track - Tristyn Sulich.JPG

Tristyn Sulich.

Name: Tristyn Sulich

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field, football, basketball

College plans: Shippensburg University, supply chain management

What do you miss most: Hanging with friends.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My favorite memory was every day spent being with my teammates.

Savannah Hossfeld

Savannah Hossfeld.

Name: Savannah Hossfeld

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field, indoor track & field, cross country

College plans: University of Alabama cross country and track & field, major in public health with concentration in health professions

Career goals: I plan on doing something in a health career.

What do you miss most: I miss running every day with my teammates and making memories with them.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My favorite memory from my high school athletic career was coming second at states in Kentucky alongside a good friend, as well as winning districts with my Carlisle team this past season in cross country.

Rileigh Cardin

Rileigh Cardin.

Name: Rileigh Cardin

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field

College plans: East Carolina University track & field, business and entrepreneurship

Career goals: Start a small business and travel to as many places as I possibly can.

What do you miss most: Not being able to see my friends every day in the classroom or out on the track.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Joining the track team junior year thinking I was just doing it as a fun activity, and it turning into a huge college opportunity. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Track - Alex Fischbach.jpg

Alex Fischbach.

Name: Alex Fischbach

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field

College plans: Kutztown University track & field, psychology

What do you miss most: Being with my team every day.

What is your favorite high school sports memory: Medaling last year at states in the 4x100 relay.

Track - Annelise DeYoung.jpg

Annelise DeYoung.

Name: Annelise DeYoung

School: Carlisle

Sport(s): Track & field

College plans: Lehigh University, major in biology with minor in art

Career goals: I want to either work with a marine veterinary center to rehabilitate dolphins in California or become a sports medicine doctor who specializes in dance injuries. On the side, I hope to teach fitness courses and pursue dance.

What do you miss most: The community. The Carlisle track team is incredibly collaborative and everyone has so much energy. We joke around with one another, yet know how to focus and put on a determined face. The bus rides were always a blast. We would play music and everyone would be full of anticipation for the coming meet. On the way home we usually had group naps. The coaches are so supportive and really challenge you to push yourself even past the goals you have for yourself. 

What is your favorite high school sports memory: My main event was high jump. Junior year my PR had stayed constant for the season and I had been really frustrated with the lack of progress. My grandpa made me take a mixture of honey and lime juice before high jumping, claiming that it would make me jump higher. I was at the Central Dauphin meet, which was one of the last for the season. I still remember the jump. I drove up and arched over the bar. I ended up jumping four inches higher that meet. I will never know if it was the placebo effect or if it actually worked.

The 2020 Carlisle Thundering Herd spring sports senior class:


Justin Centobene

Jared Eck

Hunter Reedy

Aaron Flyte

Boys Lacrosse

Jonathan Correa

Reid Herman

Aaron Brewbaker

Sean Chirico

Zachary Davinroy

Anthony Gaito

Shane Golden

Owen Hacker

Eric Hoover

Tristan Jones

Brayden Kent

Justice Mosley

Jacob Nickel

Jacob Rauhut

Boys Tennis

Andrew West

Ryan Jin

James Kem

Ethan McKeehan

Boys Volleyball

James Echevarria

Andreas Indicatti-Mariani

Mikael Kaufman

Matthew Keating

Brenden Lyons

Liam Shevlin

Girls Lacrosse

Sydney Harrell

Hailey Mielkie

Mikayla Ramos

Kelley Sullivan

Caitlin Fay

Carter Gallahue

Ainsley Morton


Andrew Harder


Bree Geiling

Ravyn Byers

Abigail Lindsay

Amelia Howard

Track & Field

Casey Padgett

Aaron Miller

Sophia Toti

Tristyn Sulich

Savannah Hossfeld

Rileigh Cardin

Alex Fischbach

Annelise DeYoung

Allison August

Mia Fry

Teresa Herring

Sydney Sayles

Alexandra Sedlak

Sabrina Starling

James Barlow

John Foster

Reagan Gee

Michael Julias

Peter Key

Markus Lindberg

Robert Lissner

Owen Manley

Logan Matter

Marcus Renninger

Jack Waller

Kiayan Williamson

John Witowski

Ainsley Morton


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