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We all have more cords than ever before, but odds are we don’t know what all of them are for. If you want a quick weekend decluttering project, do what @organisedbyem did and buy a jewelry organizer to sort out your cords. Discard any cords that you no longer use.

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Balls are not the major league Rawlings variety, but a WBSC version with slightly different seams. Then again, the WBSC ran out of baseballs at the Americas qualifying tournament in Florida and organizers switched mid-tournament to minor league balls.

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TikTok user @forrevolution tried to keep her pantry organized with baskets, but the result was food that was forgotten about and a cluttered pantry that became a catch-all for other household items. She transformed the space with acrylic organizers that made it easy to take stock—and the before and after is a dramatic improvement.

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Whether you’re preparing for tax season or organizing family documents, a big pile of papers can seem daunting. Home organizer @freshspacehome is there to remind you that any organization project is manageable if you break it down into steps. Her suggestion to #organizeit? Sort the unmanageable paper pile into shred, keep, and recycle piles—then tackle the papers you need to keep by breaking down the categories even further.

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