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Dear Heloise: We just bought laminated floors for our home, but the guys who installed them didn’t leave any instructions on how to care for t…

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Not just for pretty porches and coastal cottages, painted floors are taking over home interiors. Kelly DeWitt, the founder of Texas- based design-build firm KKDW Construction, notes the trend is also a budget solution. Mike Mundwiller, end user product experience manager for Benjamin Moore, advises that laminate flooring materials can be challenging to paint...

Cats need a place to climb and play, but cat furniture isn’t usually the most attractive thing in your home. This DIY cat wall idea from @texaswoodcraft can be customized to fit your style and doesn’t take up floor space. 

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We all know how replacing the flooring material in a room can change its appearance, creating a unified new surface for furnishings. If that’ s in your plans, spend some time deciding how the new surface will transition to the level of flooring in the hallway or adjoining room. If you’ re in a newer home with a smooth subfloor or level floor surface, you can use a standard...

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Grout is porous, making it tricky to keep clean. And because the grout lines between tiles are often slightly deeper than the surface, simply wiping down your tiled surface often isn’ t enough for tough stains or grime. On tile floors, crumbs, dirt and other debris can be left behind along the grout lines, even after sweeping.

If you’re already in a small space, adding a ton of furniture and knick-knacks can make it feel claustrophobic. TikTok creator @dimisimti got around this by embracing a clean minimalist aesthetic and incorporating floor to ceiling and under the bed storage.

Days ago, I was in the basement of an old house with my son. We were looking at the boiler, the structure and the foundation walls. He’s about to become a first-time property owner. For the past four years he’s been renting a loft apartment, saving so he can make a sizable down payment.

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Most of us would probably point to a bathroom or frequently used outside entrance if asked to name the dirtiest area of the house—but dirt lurks in some unexpected places. Here’s what to tackle during your next cleaning session.

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A few days ago, I was singing "Happy Birthday" for the third time to my granddaughter in the kitchen of her parent’s newer home. It was a festive morning, and cake was served before lunch. After taking the first bite of the delicious cake my daughter had made, I was thinking this is a brilliant new trend many should consider!

Q: I had a home inspection done about two months ago when I was purchasing my home. Once I moved in, I noticed a small room with a concrete floor and a water heater. The floor has a long crack running the length of the room. Also, the threshold has multiple pieces of concrete chipped out. All of this was not in the report. I called the inspector and sent him photos. The inspector was very apologetic and took the blame. The inspector said the room was filled with boxes and household goods when he went to inspect. He should have at least seen the chipped concrete. What recourse should I have?

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Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher per floor. If you have only one, make sure it’s near the kitchen, where most home fires start.

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Very cozy 3 bedroom 1.5 bath Ranch style home. Hardwood floors, Carport, Gas Fired heat. Located in a very convenient location, close to all a…

TikTok creator @housemixblog shows how amazing a paint only transformation can be. Painting the front door black for contrast and stenciling the floor to look like tile totally changed the entryway.

Dear Heloise: Besides checking your batteries in your smoke alarms and your carbon monoxide devices, you also should pick up your handheld fir…

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