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Dear Editor:

As a mother of three children I openly admit I worry way too much. We wonder why our country has seen such an increase with anxiety and I strongly feel tremendous pain for the future of our generation.

My youngest child is 12 and has been through school lockdowns since he was 3-years-old in preschool. My oldest two children began practicing and enduring lockdowns when they were in elementary school. I get the need for these spontaneous practice drills and can respectfully agree to the growing need for school lockdowns. However, my anxiety and concerns for my youngest child in middle school has brought me here today to speak out.

Our country is failing. Already it appears to be normal for my son to come home and shrug his shoulders to answer the question, "how was your day?" for him to say it was normal. My husband texts me shortly after he arrives home to let me know his middle school was in another nonemergency lockdown today after checking his emails.

When asking again how was his day, his reply floored me. He said, "President Trump needs to build a wall around every school in America and not build one at the Mexico border."

This is the third lockdown in the first marking period for him. It is all too normal. I can't imagine what tomorrow brings anymore. Countless mass shootings and a country that doesn't seem to have answers or solutions for our future. Children being raised to go to school and bat the other eye and brush things off as if this is the new profound way to live. There has to be better solutions to all of this.

Maybe it's finally a realization that you can't raise your family in peaceful loving world.

Angie Sheaffer

Mount Holly Springs