Dear Editor:

The column “The Climate Change excuse” (page A5 of The Sentinel, Sept. 9, 2019) is not helping people understand the true issue. It would be very easy for me to write a response based on the politics, but instead I am going to lean on the folks who created satellites that are studying the complete universe, NASA.

There are nine main areas NASA has been studying and reporting the following information.

1. Global Temperature Rise — the planet average has risen 1.6 degrees since the late 19th century. Driven mainly by increased CO2 and other human emissions. Most of this warming has happened in the last 35 years, with 5 of the warmest years on record taking place since 2010

2. Warming Oceans — the oceans have absorbed most of the heat putting ocean life at risk

3. Shrinking Ice Sheets — Greenland and Antarctic sheets have decreased in mass. Greenland alone has lost 286 billion tons of ice per year from 1993 and the loss in Antarctica has tripled in last decade

4. Glacial Retreat — Glaciers are retreating around the world-including the Alps, Himalayas, Ander, Rockies, Alaska, and Africa

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5. Decreased Snow Cover — satellites have revealed that the amount of snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has decreased substantially over the past 5 decades

6. Sea Level Rise — the global sea level rose 8” in the last century. The rate in the last decade has doubled that of the last century and is accelerating every year

7. Declining Arctic Sea Ice — both the extent and thickness of Arctic Sea has declined rapidly over the past decade

8. Extreme Events — the number of record highs in the US has been increasing and we have also experienced more cataclysmic events each year like intense rainfall events

9. Ocean Acidification — since the industrial revolution the ocean water acidity has increased 30% threatening the entire ecosystem.

Chris Briel


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