Letter: Who's watching out for whom

Letter: Who's watching out for whom


Dear Editor:

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is stunning. On the front page of the Sentinel's Sept 26 edition, Gov. Wolf calls for the legalization of recreational marijuana. On page two a man is sentenced seven to 14 years for the vehicle death of two individuals while high on fentanyl and marijuana. This will only get worse should such a foolish idea become law.

Wolf cites public opinion and similar action in adjacent states as reasons to pass this. The public opinion must be by those who partake in this stuff, already high on THC or simply don't care. As for the similar action in adjacent states, I can't help think of all the times my mother would say to me as a youngster when I was about to do something stupid, if your friend jumped off the bridge, would you?

A 2017 study by the National Academy of Medicine pointed out the pit falls of regular use. Starting with the disturbing long-term effects of usage, increased likelihood of car accidents and higher THC levels than in years past. One only needs to look at the higher rates of vehicle accidents in Denver since the passage of recreational use.

As much as the Democratic Party tries to make you believe they care about the individual, the truth is they care only about winning at any cost. They beat their chests over mass gun shootings and call for more laws to restrict the lawful gun owner. Only to turn a blind eye to the mass murder of unborn children or death and injury of victims by pot heads by wanting to legalize marijuana usage, go figure.

Robert Schlusser



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