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Dear Editor:

Our Congress is considering a major overhaul to our tax laws. The last one took many weeks to work out by both established parties. Today we have one party trying to enact a unilateral plan thrown together at midnight in just a few weeks, with almost no Democratic input.

It’s not an auspicious start. The U.S. has tried something like this before with extremely bad results: 100 years ago Congress passed and sent to the states for ratification the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, known as “Prohibition.” We know how badly that worked. My concern is that Prohibition itself lasted from 1920 to 1933 before it was repealed, a total of 16 YEARS after the Congress which originally approved it left office.

We have 535 representatives and senators who are supposed to work for the other 350 million of us and who can do a decent job when they try. However, the current tax reform is being rammed through by about half that number, and it appears that it only benefits a few thousand of us. Can 270 of them only make laws for a few thousand (wealthy) citizens?

They may get what they want; and 12 or so years from now our children, Republicans and Democrats alike, will be paying when the bill for the tax package comes due. Meanwhile, in about 2025 middle class tax cuts stop and taxes rise. And of course we’ll have that $1.5 trillion additional debt to pay off. Maybe the GOP should add a “go fund me” clause to the package.

Let your elected representatives know how you feel. E-mail, social media, telephone, anything works. And, if they vote for it, think about if you want to re-elect them on Election Day.

John Sacrison