Dear Editor:

There are many issues and problems facing our nation. I am going to focus on three that I consider the biggest problems facing our nation today:

1. Lack of Unity: Our politicians spend way too much time and taxpayer dollars attacking each other instead of doing their job in solving our nation’s problems. They stay along party lines. They have spent their entire lives in political positions. From this service, or lack thereof, most of them are millionaires (some multimillionaires) and own multiple homes. They just spent over $30 million taxpayer dollars investigating our nation’s president for collusion with the Russians. Our nation is over $22 trillion dollars in debt, yet I know of no single politician in debt. Who is going to pay for it? I’ll tell you, our grandchildren! As it is now, they will not experience the American dream! And the media is not our friend; they thrive on the diversity.

2. Immigration: We have people trying to enter our country illegally. They wrap themselves in their nation’s flag demanding to enter ours. They game the system. They don’t learn our language nor contribute to our nation. It costs our taxpayers millions of dollars in welfare, assisted housing, free education, and free health benefits.

3. Government Spending: Again, our nation is $22 trillion in debt. In 2018, it is estimated that the federal government will collect almost $4 trillion. We don’t have a tax problem, but we do have a spending problem. Once the government starts a program, no matter how well-intentioned, it is there for life and grows.

We need someone with a red pen crossing out stuff we don’t need. Isn’t that how we do our own budgets?

Tom Stubits

South Middleton Township

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