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Dear Editor:

What in the world is going on with our country? I was raised a Democrat and lived like one. Until one day I ask my Dad why a man was paying him and my mother to vote. Then I starting to question the system. I turned to Republicans with Eisenhower at age 14 only to find out he spent more time golfing and messing around with women, and Republicans where nothing but self-centered cowards.

So now I am independent, big deal. I can only vote when the government lets me. TV has gotten so bad it come down to watching re-runs of the "Big Bang Theory" or the ID channel. I was a big fan of cable news. Now, what a joke! They need to fill a 24-hour time slot so they always put a Republican and a Democrat on their famous panel, and you know that will be a bunch of trash talking and yelling stupid things at each other (what a surprise). Exciting!

Or their more famous thing is showing a picture of an empty podium or a closed door for hours promising something will be appearing in a few minutes, (just to fill in their time slots) and they will break in when it does happen. It's best now just turn everything off.

The newspapers are like the rest of the news media. The news they put to print always comes a day late. Most of the national news comes from the AP wire, so that means the once famous (great in their own mines) New York Times. I know there are good reporters at the papers, but their stories must get passed by the gate keepers (the editors). Local news should be printed by our local reporters and let the bias trash from the NYT stay in NY.

After most president's speeches they mostly say God bless the USA. That is good, but they should say, "God Help the USA." There are those past presidents who would love to see our country under one world government under the control of the UN (not in my country).

Roger Spitz

Carlisle Borough


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