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Letter: Vote Republican on Nov. 2

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Camp Hill School District opened the door to transgender ideology in its schools. That means even pre-pubescent “transgender children” will be affirmed by the district’s administration; and its curriculum will follow suit to encourage students to do the same.

This ideology was unleashed at a board meeting [Monday] night where seven of eight members voted in favor of the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DE&I) committee. Republican Greg Lamay was the single “no” vote to reject this committee.

The DE&I was an easy sell: its “being kind,” they said. But, that lie will leave the borough’s children with a mental health mess that often ends in tragic regret. To be fair, this lie was promulgated for decades by the health care industry and even national political bodies.

“TransMission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?” spotlights the “gender-affirming” health care model and its destruction on children’s health and families as told by detransitioners — individuals who have undergone interventions to change their gender but decided to revert back.

Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, of the Heritage Foundation discovered that “80 to 95 percent of pre-pubertal children will grow out of a gender identity conflict if you just give them the time and the space.” Another study quoted 70%, according to the conservative news network CNS News. Either way, the numbers scream: wait.

In 2019, the BBC reported on a study that showed some children taking puberty blockers reported an increase in thoughts of suicide and self-harm. It’s worth noting, too, that the second leading cause of death in children, ages 10-14 is suicide.

In spite of this, the tide of public opinion is turning on those who say: stop and wait.

If you are a resident of Camp Hill and you want to protect our children from this ideology, there is something very critical you can do. Vote Nov. 2. Vote Republican.

Caroline Machiraju

Camp Hill


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