Dear Editor:

At what point will people say "enough?"

It is almost a daily occurrence. Traffic backed up on Interstate 81 in the Carlisle area. Accidents, activities on the shoulders, repair work and dangerous entrance ramps. At what point will our elected officials stop talking and actually do something about this nuisance?

We pay an exorbitant amount of fuel taxes to repair and improve our roads and bridges. Where is it? The action should be adding an additional lane in both directions from Mechanicsburg to Newville to start, and then move to finish the improvement going the whole way to the southern border. An additional lane would relieve the congestion and add a buffer for motorists entering and exiting the highway, as well as giving more room for road crews to do their work, while limiting constraints on traffic flow.

If our officials and lawmakers had to drive this highway on a regular basis, they'd have a road crew out there making the appropriate changes already. Obviously, they don't have a clue. Instead, we get ..talk. That's it, talk. How many people have to get hurt or die? How many disruptions have to occur?

How many gridlocks do we have to have in Carlisle for someone to step up and say enough? Since the Turnpike Commission can find funds to build a six-lane highway in the middle of nowhere, they should advise PennDOT on how to do it if they don't have the answers.

Enough of the procrastination. The problem isn't getting any better and needs a solution now.

Jeffrey Basehore


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