The party system in elections

Dear Editor:

Well another election year will soon be here. For those of us who have voted in many election over the many years, have we learned anything? I can almost with the upmost certainty answer no.

The voting puppets for the two great parties will still vote their party line. Even if that candidate is in jail or dead or is one of the biggest liars in politics ... and that covers 95 percent of them. Any person who thinks that there is no bias within the election or appointed system is living in a wonderland never to return back to reality.

I asked many people why they always vote for their party. Most answers were “because my parents did.” Talk about being obedient to your parents. In this upcoming election the Democrats will vote as will the Republican’s for their own respective parties. It doesn’t matter who wins, that person must and will do whatever their party leader tells them to do, and that my friend you can take to the bank.

Over the last few years these parties have sunk as low as they can get. They become so tied up in their own egos they think nothing can stop them. Keeping their job and making big money plus an unthinkable pension at the end is their only desire. This is what they are there for, not to serve the people but have the people serve them.

My voting public, I humbly ask you all don’t vote for a party but vote for a person. But then it doesn’t matter since every candidate must attach themselves to a party of choice ... if they didn’t they would be an independent candidate. Sorry not in this country.

Roger Spitz


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