The military and climate change

Dear Editor:

Just last month, the Department of Defense put out another climate change study showing the risk to our nations military bases worldwide. The report entitled “Climate-Related Risk to DoD Infrastructure,” showed nearly half of all U.S. military bases are threatened by climate change.

The Executive Summary accompanying the report from the Pentagon said, “The effects of climate and extreme weather represent additional risks to incorporate into the Department’s various planning and risk management processes. Various studies have identified a broad range of effects that could impact our ability to fully execute the Defense mission of protecting and maintaining the security interests of the United States at home and around the world.”

I would like to know why Rep. Scott Perry has scrubbed any mention of climate change from his website. Does Rep. Perry think climate change is not real? Last year, Rep. Perry introduced an amendment that would have stripped a National Defense Authorization Act provision that would have required a study into the 20-year impacts of climate change on the military.

Thankfully, Perry’s amendment failed with 46 of Perry’s Republican colleagues voting against it.

Rep. Perry’s ignorance on the issue of climate change puts our national security at risk. I hope the voters of Scott Perry’s district remember this in November.

Porter Hedge