The good of our country

Dear Editor:

In his weekly newsletter to constituents, Rep. John Joyce (PA 13) says:

“This week, Speaker Pelosi announced her intention to open a politically-motivated impeachment inquiry. As they have proven time and time again, House Democrats prioritize endless investigations over meaningful legislation — to the detriment of the American people.”

I disagree with these statements.

First, House Democrats HAVE passed meaningful legislation. Sadly, it goes to the Senate, where Sen. McConnell refuses to act. Stalled bills include legislation that would increase pay checks, improve election security, reduce pollution, reduce gun violence, improve health care, and support our military and veterans.

Rep. Joyce is simply wrong when he says that House Democrats have not passed meaningful legislation.

Second, it appears that President Trump sought foreign interference to help his election chances in the 2020 election. House Democrats want to investigate these allegations and learn the truth. To Rep. Joyce, this may be a “politically motivated” inquiry, but for most Americans who want fair elections and a sovereign nation free from foreign interference, this is certainly not a partisan issue.

I wonder when politicians like Rep. Joyce will put the good of our country above narrow partisan goals and blind support for President Trump?

Mark Laser


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