Dear Editor:

This may be the 21st Century, but we have reverted back to the 19th Century of the Robber Barons. For example, President Trump's tax plan benefits only himself, his family, and his billionaire buddies.

We the people of Main Street get screwed. As a conservationist, I am mainly concerned with Trump's disregard of public lands. His appointments of Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture (presiding over National Forests), and Ryan Zinke as Secretary of Interior tells it all. Trump wants to shrink our national monuments to permit development by his billionaire buddies, and the Ag Secretary wants to clear-cut our national forests.

Accordingly, GOP Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah introduced H.R. 3990 that would drastically shrink certain national monuments, and it proposes that future monuments would be limited to 640 acres. H.R. 3990 should be soundly rejected. Regarding our national forests, a number of bad bills have been introduced by GOP legislators largely inspired by Secretary Perdue. Those bills are H.R. 2936, S. 1731, S. 879, S. 335, and S. 605.

To summarize, these bills ignore protection of endangered species, and most exempt review by the National Environmental Policy Act even for large acreage clear-cutting. These bills would curtail citizen's groups from challenging logging proposals. S. 335 would permit land transfers to private and states for oil and gas production.

As stated above, we are in the era of Robber Barons. Trump must be impeached before "We the People" lose everything.

Call or write GOP Sen. Pat Toomey, 248 SR, Washington, DC 20510, phone 202-224-4254, and GOP Congressman Lou Barletta, 115 CHOB, Washington, DC 20515, phone 202-225-6511.

Harold W. Gardner

Lower Frankford Township