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Dear Editor:

Franklin County residents are fighting to stop the 230,000-volt TransSource Project. We contacted elected officials but Quincy Township lead the charge to hold the energy company accountable to taxpayers and filed a PUC protest.

Travis Schooley listened to concerns of residents and boldly acted to ensure the energy company follows the law and hold them accountable for any damages they create.

We’ve witnessed his attention to detail, problem solving skills and courageous passion to serve.

Travis has practical diverse experience in key categories that will translate to effectiveness in Congress. Other candidates don’t have the practical diverse experience that Travis does.

Travis was a U.S. Army sergeant intelligence analyst specializing in doctrine and capabilities of our enemies to protect our nation. He will ensure military readiness.

Travis has 20-years’ infrastructure experience designing, planning and coordinating jobs from roads, bridges, pipelines, and more.

Schooley’s managed a municipal authority and is chief water operator of two water systems, a municipal planner, successful grant-writer, project coordinator and policy analyst for local government.

Travis understands legal jargon and issues facing communities and is a fellow farmer. He and his wife also run small businesses.

Schooley is a Christian, conservative Republican, family man, business owner, career professional, farmer, and U.S. Army veteran who’s achieved high marks in pro-life, pro-gun, pro-taxpayer, and pro-Constitution organizations.

Travis is politically courageous, straight-forward, and a no non-sense working class man who will listen to you and fight for principles and good government.

My family and I are voting for Republican Travis Schooley and would like you to strongly consider voting for him as well in this upcoming election on May 15. He is No. 5 on the ballot so don’t miss him.

Lori Rice


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