Dear Editor:

Cumberland County Treasurer is a position that I hadn't given much thought to in the past. Seemed that the job consisted of collecting taxes from residents, then disbursing it to the various county agencies that service the taxpayers. Pretty ho hum, a necessary position, but not very exciting.

That is, until this year. Jake Miller, current Democratic candidate for the treasurer's position, views the job in very different way. Yes, he will perform his duties of collector and disburser, as in the past. However, he brings a fresh approach to the office.

Taxpayers will be informed how their tax money is being used through regularly scheduled public forums and online reporting. Distributing hunting licenses has traditionally been a function of the treasurer's office, but Jake proposes that veterans of military service will not be charged. ....a very tangible way of thanking them for their sacrifice.

Dog owners will appreciate Jake's proposed revamping of the license tags. The new tags will feature contact info for the treasurer's office, ensuring that lost pets will be quickly united with their owners.

Jake has been an outstanding educator in Cumberland County schools. He brings the enthusiasm and creativity displayed in his lessons, to the treasurer's position. Vote for Jake Miller on Nov. 5 — a fresh approach for Cumberland County Treasurer.

Patricia Charuhas

Boiling Springs

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