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Dear Editor:

Tuesday, May 15 is Primary Election day in Pennsylvania. This is a calling to all registered voters to go to your local polling place and cast your vote.

We will be going to the poll to cast our vote for our son, Jason Kelso, for the 199th District of the House of Representatives. Our son was raised in the Christian faith to be a good, honest and caring man who wants to put his heart and education into service for his fellow constituents. He and his wife, along with volunteers, have spent countless hours going door to door to meet and learn of concerns in the 199th District.

Through his education and professional experiences, he understands government and what it takes to make the changes needed in Pennsylvania. He has a genuine interest in bringing fiscal accountability to Harrisburg and also in trying to make this a better place for all of us to live and prosper. Jason has pledged not to take the state offered pension because he believes it is his civic duty to represent the people and not a career.

As his parents, we are very proud of Jason and the campaign he is running. Please join us in voting on May 15th and if you have the time, please visit his website,, that has stated his priorities from the very beginning.

Harry and Linda Cook Kelso