Dear Editor:

The Second Democratic Presidential Debate is over, and we learned that there are at least 20 ways to fix whatever is perceived to be in need of fixing. Each candidate on the stage had their own plan and swore that it is better than any others.

The major topics seemed to center on healthcare, immigration, race and the environment. The “solutions” seemed to be as varied as the backgrounds of the candidates themselves. Too often we heard them “toot their own horn” saying “let me tell you what I did.” That resulted in fighting among themselves.

Negative attacks against fellow Democrats is demeaning and portrays a political party that is divided over many issues. If the Democratic party’s objective is to take back the White House in 2020, they need to stop attacking each other. For example, if improvement of healthcare is the issue, then that should be the goal. How they get to that point at this time should be determined by the eventual party platform.

The goal should be to put forth an individual who can win the election and then determine the best way to move forward. At this stage, finding the best, electable person should be the objective.

M. Kenneth Houser


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