Dear Editor:

Time as flown by since my hospital stay at UPMC Pinnacle Carlisle in November. I wanted to take time now to acknowledge how wonderful all the staff at UPMC Pinnacle were to me.

Starting with the male nurse that kept giving me warm blankets in the emergency room and all the nurses that kept checking on me till I was sent to the thirdrd floor. The staffing on the thirrd floor was also great.

I am not a person who likes to stay in a hospital at all, even for a day, and this was a three-day stay. I was not the best patient, I kept whining to come home and one nurse that stands out was a girl named Ashley. She was so kind and kept saying I understand and it will be soon, that I had one of the best doctors and he will make sure to send me home when it was the right time.

The staff would be there for me in seconds when I had to ring the bell for pain medication or go to the bathroom. What a great job of caring they do for their patients. Most of all I need to thank Dr. David Yearsley for finding out what was going on with me. I am sure he was tired of me bugging him to go home; he would say to me you are safe here and we want you well before you go home. I was so impressed Dr. Yearlsey, who even called to check up on me after I came home. It has been years that I have had that happen.

Again I wish to UPMC Pinnacle of Carlisle for hiring such a wonderful caring, and friendly staff and I will always recommend UPMC Pinnacle of Carlisle.

Lois E Gleim