Dear Editor:

I recently listened to Sen. Schumer’s hypocritical posturing on the Senate floor. Despite lip service to bipartisanship, it would be hard to imagine a more ungracious speech. His hyperbole was nauseating.

DACA is not an urgent issue. No "dreamer" faces deportation. A false deadline should never have been used by Sen. Schumer and his cronies to shut down government. Nothing in January warranted such action. To quote Sen. Schumer, “the issue of the Dreamers demands resolution” — but not by such a tactic, and not today, next week, or even next month.

There were numerous better options, any number of more honest and productive ways Sen. Schumer could have opposed the President, and plenty of time to do any of that.

Shame on Sen. Schumer and his cronies! They took an issue and needlessly elevated it to a crisis. Their shutdown of government was a disservice to every American.

Cloyd Gatrell