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Letter: Saving our republic

Letter: Saving our republic


Dear Editor:

When the Constitutional Convention finished writing our constitution in 1787 a woman asked Ben Franklin whether we have a republic or a monarchy. Ben Franklin is said to have answered “A republic if you can keep it.”

Wednesday’s events at our nation’s capitol made me fearful for our country. When protesters turn into rioters at the urging of the president I began to think is this the beginning of the end of our republic. This is not the America I know and I feel ashamed for our country. This is not who we are. We need to be better than this and most of us are.

Trump’s propaganda for the last several months about how mail-in balloting is a fraud and that the election was stolen from him begins to sink in deeply to his supporters and they believe everything he says. Trump wants to stay in power and he acts like a dictator to do so. To me this is the reason he lost the election. He was too weak to even go on TV and radio to tell the protesters/rioters to stand down. He only cares about himself.

On Jan. 20 we will have a new president and more rioting may take place that day. I hope that in spite of Trump we will be able to keep our republic.

Roger Giffin



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