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Letter: RGGI the right choice

Letter: RGGI the right choice

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Dear Editor:

RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas initiative, is one way to show that those who are better care about those with limited resources. The elderly, laborers who work in the outdoors, people with respiratory issues, people exposed to flooding, and many others suffer when pollution caused by climate change occurs.

In an April 20, 2021 opinion letter to, Brandon Hoover, explained the hopelessness many feel because they don’t believe they impact climate change. Hoover went on to remark that humans have the capability to fix the problems they cause.

RGGI is a success in the 11 states that already implement it. Climate pollution is cut by a third and nearly $3 billion dollars was raised for investment in a cleaner environment. Pennsylvania carbon pollution would drop by more than 180 million tons, more than 27,000 jobs would be added, and nearly $2 billion dollars would be injected into the Keystone state’s economy. Action allowing RGGI by the General Assembly will permit revenue to go to the most disadvantaged communities, those with low income and of color.

Senate Bill 119 would prevent Pennsylvania from joining RGGI. I strongly urge Rep. Greg Rothman to vote No on SB119. Mr. Rothman would do a disservice not only to the citizens of the 87th District but to the people of the Commonwealth. Having grown up in Western Pennsylvania in the 1950s, I saw first hand how Democrats and Republicans worked together to clean up the environment. With RGGI, we can do that again.

Randall Tenor



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