Dear Editor:

The other day, my family and I lost someone very special. Her name was Ginny and, yes, she was named after Ginny Wesley in the Harry Potter books.

Ginny, or as I liked to call her at times, Miss Ginny, was not someone who liked to argue about things or hold grudges. Instead, she was a wonderful listener and someone who would tolerate all of us if we came home frustrated with our problems of the day. For her age she was very patient, and after we vented our frustrations she would always let us know she was most concerned about how we were doing.

Miss G, even in her early teens, was a blessing to our family and everyone she met. Our family lost Claudia, my first wife, suddenly in 2011. Back then, Ginny worked so hard to comfort each of us in her own way. Saint Francis of Assisi is often quoted as saying “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.” Not sure if Miss G. ever heard that quote, but she lived it every day.

Now, after 18 short years, she is gone and the love she showed to everyone she ever met has ended, for now. I miss her so much and will try to remember her love and caring in the coming days, months, and years.

Miss Ginny was buried in our family plot, along with others of the family. It was not a big funeral and only immediate family were in attendance. She now rests beside her adopted siblings, Dally and Triumph.

Like her siblings, who were also cats, she lived with the understanding that love should be unconditional and universal. A lesson we should all take to heart.

Joe Tomkiel


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