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Letter: Questions resolution's wording
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Letter: Questions resolution's wording


Dear Editor:

I am responding to an article in The Sentinel on Feb. 4 titled “Panel Would Explore Injustice” by forming a commission to heal wounds of racial injustice in Carlisle.

To start, I am not opposed to having a committee/commission formed to formulate ideas to improve the community, improve relations between ALL people, i.e., Black people and white people, Republican and Democrat, Police and citizens, etc. I am, however, offended by the language in the resolution stating “historically White-dominant culture” which is a generalization insinuating all whites are the problem.

I am white and have lived around Carlisle for 73 years. I have treated everyone (no matter their color) with respect as long as I have been respected in return and I’m sure the majority of white people in Carlisle have done the same. Obviously, there are bad apples in all colors. Deputy Mayor Shultz states “there is no intent to blame," but the language does blame.

Laszlo Paszor said the “resolution is based on unsupportable generalizations which are racist” and he’s right. What if I wrote an article stating we should create a crime commission to discuss crime in Carlisle due to Black culture? I would be wrong because I would be categorizing all Black people as criminals. If Marcia Berry’s statement that the resolution is not to blame, then remove the “white dominant culture” words.

In Vietnam, I fought with people of all colors. I had their back and they had mine. Maybe everyone should serve in the military if only to learn how to care and respect each other and to love and respect the United States as the greatest country in the world. I ask Borough Council to remove the words “historically White-dominant culture."

Bob Hinkle



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