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Dear Editor:

Where is the outrage over the U. S. government's spending on corporate welfare? It is estimated that an American family pays an average of $6,000 per year that would fit real nice in my pocket ... how about yours?

With talk of reducing social security to seniors and reducing Medicare benefits, the government can spend over $1 billion to subsidize bio-fuels, which also raises the cost of corn and other crops, study shrimp on a treadmill ... and the list goes on.

Come on seniors, and everyone, since we all will be getting social security and Medicare at some point. Are we just going to sit back and allow our government to use our money, yes, our money. Where else do you think they get their money — out of our pockets. We have politicians' calling for reductions in both social security and Medicare while rich land owners and big corporations steal our money to fill their own pockets.

Now is the time for all to contact their representatives in the house and senate and demand an end to all cooperate welfare and use some of the money saved to sure up social security and Medicare, because if we don't then the politicians will increase corporate welfare and reduce or eliminate social security and Medicare.

Paul Detrick


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