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Dear Editor:

This past weekend, the sports watching fans of America were served a wide variety of "protest’"sports, mostly highlighted within the NFL games. I have a simple request to all of those owners, athletes and staffers – knock that garbage off.

Let me explain. I am not impugning your First Amendment right. I support your ability to protest. I respect the process of affording you the opportunity to express your opinion and/or free speech. The point is not on my dime.

Athletes participate in a sport where people pay to watch the sport, regardless of their political persuasion or views. I don’t give a darn about your political views. I want to see you block, run, catch and tackle. If I’m paying to see football, I don’t want to see anything but that. If you went to your dentist and paid for dental services, I bet you wouldn’t want the dentist to begin regaling you with their personal conservative or liberal views while you were in the chair with a numb jaw. If you went to the grocery store, I bet you wouldn’t want the cashier to do the same while you were just there to buy groceries and go home.

If the athletes think so much of themselves, let them go to a microphone and tell everyone, “Hey, I’m an NFL spoiled brat making millions of dollars a year to play a game. I know you want to hear my political views, so I’ll be on the town square tonight at 6 p.m. to opine on a soapbox. Ya’ll come!”

Bravo. Knock yourself out. I support you 100 percent. You want to kneel and disrespect those who died creating and protecting your freedom? Fine. But not on my dime. Stand the heck up and play football.

Bruce Watkins

Boiling Springs