Dear Editor:

In response to the letter of Aug. 31 regarding the supposed "failed" Obama and its "eight endless years of misery," I submit that in those eight years his administration produced numerous positive measures which far outweighed a modest up-and-down improvement in employment.

He also maintained good relations with international leaders, fostering a climate of cooperation and respect. Meanwhile, Trump has dismantled much of the good that Obama did, leaving the climate and Iran agreements and threatening the NATO alliance. His cabinets have created severe setbacks in public education, environmental safeguards, health and science research and protection for farmers.

It is also highly disingenuous to suggest that only people who think like the author does are patriotic, just as it is a total mis-characterization to suggest that Trump upholds any Christian precepts.

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His character, tweets, and rulings fly in the face of all that I have been taught in my life in Sunday School and church.

Wendy Tibbetts


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