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Dear Editor:

The Pittsburgh Steelers showed their true colors (Sunday). Yellow and Black. Yellow for giving in to a malcontent who hates this country, and black for the black eye they got for hiding during the national anthem. It's ironic that these are their colors.

I am happy to see them lose the game for exhibiting such un-American tactics and hope that they don’t ever win another game. I was an avid Steelers fan until that day, now I have given up on all NFL, overpaid, cry babies. It is ironic that the team that respected the national anthem and our flag, the Chicago Bears, won the game.

A prime example of all of this nonsense is that we, as a country, give in to any person who is a malcontent. No prayers in school because of an atheist, no pledge of allegiance because of a government hater, and no Christianity because the Muslims are taking over and we are allowing it to happen. We kiss everybody's butt except the ones who defended our country so that we can express our opinions. Not that I expect such treatment. Merely putting it in perspective, which these overpaid athletes can’t conceive.

I had two tours in Korea and one in Vietnam to defend this fine country, and to say that I am just a bit disgusted is the understatement of the year.

We are all entitled to our opinions; however, there is a time and place for it - not the sports arenas, football fields or baseball diamonds.

James R. Myers