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Letter: Paying for intrusion of privacy

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If someone called me asking for my name, address, driver's license number, partial SSN and voting history, I'd hang up immediately, knowing it was a scam. If I were asked to then pay some exorbitant amount so that information could be used without my express permission and given to some unknown entity, as is the case with the Pa. GOP "audit," I would immediately join a class action suit demanding my Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

That right is one of my dearest freedoms, and it is shocking that Pa. Republicans are either so ignorant and/or so hypocritical that they want to proceed with this travesty while proclaiming opposition to masks on the grounds of personal freedom. For what? Because these same lawmakers have alleged, unfounded "questions" about the 2020 election that they now want to examine because they claim they don't have answers to their own fabrications. My dog chases his own tail in the same way, but I don't have to pay attention to it when I know it is just a game.

The Arizona "audit," which has been totally discredited, may cost upwards of $9 million, and has required several counties to purchase new voting machines since the audit compromised the old ones. Do we really want to follow the absolute worst and dumbest example of partisanship gone awry, pay for it with our hard-earned money, so these guys can grandstand for the previous guy?

I'm old enough to know when I'm being used with no benefit to me, my community and my state.

Libby Hutcheson



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