Dear Editor:

In my 34 years of home ownership of the big stone house in Mt. Holly Springs I had never witnessed such a bad storm as we had the evening of Aug. 15.

The weather map on TV was showing purple, which indicated brace yourself. The rain and winds came. The sky lit up with lighting so unusual that in my lifetime I had not witnessed that intensity before. My first issue was lightning struck the pole out front which blew the transformer up. Wires caught on fire, which caused my huge maple tree to ignite.

Meanwhile, the backyard resonated with crashing trees and thuds. It was a war zone that in the dawn of day revealed my worst nightmare, particularly since my yard has been on garden tours and is finely manicured most days. Clean up began with a vengeance with chain saws and cutting limbs. We staged piles of debris in driveways to be dealt with at a later time. In a state of shock, first things first.

Which leads me to why I am writing. The Borough of Mt. Holly Springs stepped up and sent their Public Works guys out with a chipper and truck. Between Jim, Ed and two helpers they canvassed the borough to help clean up the destruction where homeowners had staged piles of limbs. It was a lifesaver to many of us who were already dealing with a bad situation.

Mt. Holly does not have a compost site, but the borough remedied our need and deserves an atta boy. My taxes are due next week, and I for one am a homeowner who believes my borough has done a good job in allocating funds for equipment to cover such an event.

Thank you Mt. Holly Springs Borough.

Pamela Still

Mount Holly Springs

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