Dear Editor:

Over the past couple years, I have enjoyed the "In My Words" feature in the sports section.

Monday, I was unusually impressed by each contribution — the ability to overcome a loss and the tribute to fans (Serina), speaking about the successes of others and not even mentioning his own (Chenot), finding the success in an 11-11 season and praising a coach who is dedicated to changing a culture (Bechtold) and the description of an amazing connection between varsity athletes and elementary level athletes as a foundation for the future (Sitler).

Reading these pieces makes me very optimistic. I hope these young men and this young woman, along with the many like-minded athletes, musicians, actors, scholars and artists who are their peers, soon become leaders in our businesses, nonprofit institutions and government.

Thank you to The Sentinel and these athletes for "In My Words."

Tim Hoy