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Dear Editor:

In today’s political climate as a Liberal I feel many Americans hate me. Forget about the fact that I am a disabled veteran and have problems walking and hearing most conversations. I have liberal views and most people here in Central Pa. who will read this letter will think I am slime.

I wish I was born a Conservative. Then I could openly hate anyone who was not white and of European stock. I could support President Trump in saying people south of our boarder were “drug dealers, criminals, rapists.”

I wish I was born a Conservative. Then I could ignore scientific reality. The climate has been changed by human activities based on some 98 percent of the world’s scientific community. Mister Trump ignores this truth. But, he will be dead when climate change leads to worldwide death and wars. His progeny will at that time have enough money to laugh at the suffering of us, the masses.

I wish I was born a Conservative. Then I could ignore truth. Our president lies more often than I, an old guy, goes to the bathroom. He seems to believe he is “omnipotent” and does not believe the information his staff tries to give him. Odd, I as a Christian only believe God is all knowing. Is Trump a god to Conservatives?

Some 2,000 years ago a political appointee in the Mid-East asked, “What is truth?” That is a question we need to ask ourselves each day. I believe in God and not in Trump. Seems like that means I am a Liberal.

Joseph Tomkiel


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