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Dear Editor:

The Nov. 27 article headlined “Hunting interest dips for youths” made a few valid points.

Emily Kanter is correct in stating “It’s much better to be outside.” And Russ Hopstetter is probably correct in assuming that “14-year-old kids would rather be playing on the internet…” Fewer hunters in the state has an impact on the PGC when they lose revenue, which they count on for more than just hunting activities.

Those who have hunted all their lives can legitimately bemoan a decrease in participants of this activity. But every year I read about the wonderful family bonding experience of deer hunting and I see the pictures of proud adults and children crouched next to their dead prey. So when I read Charlie Fetter’s comment “It’s not the killing — that’s not what hunting is,” I must express the outrage of those of us who do not share a love for intentionally causing the death of wild animals.

Whether hunting provides food for a family or just a personal joy in the sport of killing animals, the goal is the same. Unless you are shooting with a camera, hunting is always about killing.

Dianne Tussing

South Middleton Township


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