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Dear Editor:

The citizens of the newly created 10th Congressional District will be well served. The new constituency will get to know Congressman Scott Perry as a man of integrity, just as we have known in the former 4th CD.

While at the polls, some of us had the honor of talking to a citizen who escaped communism from Czechoslovakia. He and his family now reside in Franklin Township. He was alarmed of the growing climate in this country with rising socialism. Also, he expressed his disdain for the media. He believes in a free press that holds ALL sides accountable. He said they should be “pit bulls on their heals." It was awesome to witness how he embraced our constitution and the rights he now has. He also mentioned how he tries to instill in his children, how blessed they are.

Furthermore, it was inspiring to watch citizens who were elderly and some with disabilities voting. In pouring rain no less. It should be a lesson for all able bodied people to get out and vote. There is no excuse not to.

As the gentleman from Czechoslovakia mentioned, there is so much to lose if we don’t vote.

With over 70 percent of the vote in Franklin Township, I know that I’m not the only one grateful that we re-elected Scott Perry and Dawn Keefer. I believe that the gentleman from Czechoslovakia is too. Let’s hope that the “free press” gives Congressman Perry and Representative Keefer a fair shake moving forward.

Doubtful, but let’s hope. In closing, thank you to all of the team that worked the polls in the rain. Your hard work paid off.

Kevin Cummings


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