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Dear Editor:

Due to the recent shootings in the news, the gun control debate has been a very hot topic. We live in a very right-leaning area, and I have seen many friends and family get in heated debates on what should be done.

I think it’s important to get one thing straight. Democrats are not trying to repeal the Second Amendment. We do not want to take all of your guns. We just are so tired of being afraid of leaving our house and not coming back.

Many Democrats in this region of the state grew up with loved ones who hunt or hunt themselves. The issue is not the gun itself, it is who we allow to have a gun as a country. We understand that it is your right as an American to own a gun. Unfortunately, it is also the right of many mentally ill people with vile intentions.

I often hear the argument, “Well I won’t hurt anyone with a gun. Why punish a group for a few peoples’ actions?”

To that rebuttal, I have one question: Would you rather be holding your child or an assault rifle at the end of the day?

Patricia Somma