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Dear Editor:

Writing with concern with the government shutdown and how it will help with the existing problems. It is my opinion that it's a waste of time.

If anything, the whole government should be shut down and all the elected officials sent home without pay and stay there. Our country is being completely destroyed by the childish action of most of these hypocrites. Now, some are waiting for me to blame a certain political party, but I won't. if you have any good sense you can see for yourselves.

Most all of the registered voters in this country are diehard party people ... I mean like sheep. They will follow their leader (shepherd) anywhere, right or wrong even over the cliff or to the slaughter house. 

Our Founders must be looking down upon us with much discuss to see what we have become. There are those who even want this country to be placed under one world government. We must be very careful when we talk or write as not to offend anyone or groups. We are now under PC rule.

The rule of law and paying taxes is only for common sheep, the elite (shepherds) are all exempted. My 300 words are about up so I will say that major changes (shepherds) are needed in Washington. Government needs to be replaced with people who love our country and way of life.

Get back to and live by our Constitution, and most of all get rid of being a slave in chains for any political party. God still does bless America!

Roger Spitz


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